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Behind the Scenes

Our team is made up of two talented and experienced professionals who give Direct Impact Solutions an unbeatable advantage: multidisciplinary expertise. We are a powerhouse team and look forward to helping you advance your interests.

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Jordan Starnes has a proven track record of legislative success, especially in her work in county affairs, healthcare, state parks, corrections, fisheries, and gaming; and is proud of the strong relationships she has formed with key lawmakers in that time. The favorite, and most difficult, bill she has ever passed was on behalf of Jackson County when she was able to give them the only county authority in the state to utilize TIF, tax increment financing, in the same manner as municipalities to attract a commercial corridor to the county. 

In just the past two years, she has fought off multiple privatization attempts for the state parks and has secured them funding unavailable in previous years; passed a bill to allow freestanding emergency rooms in counties without 24/7 emergency care; secured funding to aid renovations to Quitman Community hospital; stopped attempts to lower the standards of care for medically fragile children; passed a bill to help patients have quick and fair access to their medical and billing records; helped foster in safe, effective criminal justice reform laws; passed a bill to give her wind-farm project a more favorable tax structure; and secured funding for the Mississippi Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

Jordan’s love of politics came through at a young age, with her first official campaign being the “Let Us Vote” campaign in Birmingham, AL at age 3. She has been actively representing the firm’s clients in the legislative and executive branches in Mississippi for 7 years, after 3 years managing grassroots campaigns across Mississippi and Alabama. She has also managed associations and worked with national and local non-profit organizations. Jordan values details and enjoys being able to dig deep into the issues for her clients, which is why she only takes the number of clients that she feels she can give all of her effort to every time. 

In 2013, she graduated Millsaps College as a Presidential Scholar with a major in Public Management. This specifically tailored education has equipped Jordan with the unique skills necessary for government and public affairs of every kind, including: 

• Public Policy & Legislation
• State & Local Government Affairs
• Policy Analysis
• Economic & Business Development
• Executive Branch Advocacy
• Public Relations
• Grassroots Organizing
• Community Outreach & Engagement • Political Campaigns
• Campaign Management 

In addition, Jordan enjoys her campaign management and fundraising work. She has been successful in her efforts managing the campaign for Brent Bailey, Central District Public Service Commissioner, where Brent won as a Republican in a heavily Democrat district. Her fundraising efforts have included Mississippi state Representatives and Senators, as well as Public Service Commissioners. 




Stan Flint is a respected and trusted lobbyist and government affairs expert with decades of lobbying and public affairs experience. Last year, Stan ranked among the top 10 Mississippi lobbyists according the Mississippi Secretary of State's annual lobbying reports. He has posted many election victories, including the defeat of a statewide ballot measure, Proposition 26. This referendum initially polled 66% favorable. Under Stan’s guidance serving as general consultant, it was defeated 58% to 42%. He also managed the Vote for Our Coliseum Committee, a Harrison County referendum that required a super majority of 60 percent. It passed with 61.7 percent, even though $224,000 was spent to defeat the $68 million bond issue. 

As coordinator for Coast Businesses for Fair Play (CBFP), he managed a successful Jackson County non-binding referendum in which 60% voted to oppose the expansion of Indian gaming in that county. CBFP was comprised of Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc., Beau Rivage Casino, Ameristar Casinos, IP Casino, and Penn National Gaming Inc. 

Stan’s work with the Stennis Military Council and Hancock County Ports & Harbors Commission reversed the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s (BRAC) recommendation to close a naval facility at the Stennis Space Center. 

Public affairs are another area in which Stan has extensive experience. He has decades of experience in community and public relations, grassroots issue development and advocacy, network development, and management. In the 1980s, Stan led Mississippi’s decade-long successful effort to defeat the Department of Energy’s plan to store nuclear waste in Mississippi. 

In 1987, he organized, managed, and was the key strategist in the first Mike Moore for Attorney General Campaign in Mississippi. At that time, this was the first coast-area candidate elected to a constitutional statewide office in 78 years. Mike Parker then contracted with Stan to organize, manage, and direct his successful bid for the Fourth Congressional District seat. Stan then went to Washington, DC, to serve as Parker’s Administrative Assistant following that election. 


Upon his return from Washington, Stan re-established The Consulting Group in Jackson, (which has now been reorganized into Direct Impact Solutions with the same team lead by his daughter Jordan Starnes). The next project after his return from Washington DC was a countywide referendum in Birmingham, Alabama, to approve greyhound racing. Proponents of racing had lost a previous election by eight percent. Stan organized and managed the second election and reversed the result, winning by eight percent. After that election, Stan was hired by the track owner as his personal and political adviser and community relations director. 

During this time, Stan reorganized the failing American Greyhound Track Operators Association, Inc., (AGTOA). As Executive Director, he brought the organization from 48% membership to 100%. Stan was elected Secretary General of the World Greyhound Racing Federation. While serving in that capacity, he established a permanent office of the Secretariat in Limerick, Ireland. 


Returning to Mississippi in December 1999, Stan began contracting with political and corporate clients. His first project was assisting the City of Pascagoula to secure more than a half million dollars in FEMA disaster assistance to restore the Round Island Lighthouse after it was destroyed by Hurricane George. That effort was followed by his successful work to secure several hundred thousand dollars in state tidelands grants for the lighthouse. 

Since that time, his local, state, and national clients have covered a broad range of interests including economic development, municipal and county government, gaming, Medicaid, health care, education, business development, and environmental management. 

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